TERRA DEEP - Part of this world, part of another (Dusk027CD)

by Dusktone

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FlorisLD This album took a few listens to even form an opinion, and I'm sure it will change again later. If you compare this to the previous album 'Inamorata', it's definitely something else. We have been warned by M. Edwards that this album will ''piss off'' fans of his previous works. Anyway this doesnt piss me off, it's great, and weird, and it's different.
And it's still very much Terra Deep. Favorite track: TERRA DEEP - Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet Part II- Venus Adumbrant.
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CARPAGE Only hinted at in previous releases, this is an amazing work of art. Repeated listens pays off every time. Ambitious and wide in scope, this man can stand along with Steven Wilson on the cutting edge of Progressive rock/metal. Both make the music THEY want too, as the best usually do. YES! Favorite track: TERRA DEEP - Harvestide.


Part of this World, Part of Another, the upcoming third album from Terra Deep, is 5 tracks covering the spectrum from crushing heaviness, to textured atmospheres. This album also contains the two-track concept suite, “Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet”. It is a masterwork of emotive and inspired progressive black metal for fans of Enslaved, Opeth, and Exhausted Prayer.

Terra Deep was formed under emotional and existential duress in the two thousand and seventh year by the one man cloister that is M. Edwards. Drawing ceaseless influence from the misted, undulating lands of the Pacific Northwest, Edwards has masterminded a slew of material running the gamut from somber and personal acoustics to tempestuous raw black metal of the highest order. Not one to avoid curious deviations, Edwards has pursued a comprehensive genre patchwork since his debut full length Starlight Lodge. Its follow up Inamorata is a sprawling tapestry of eclectic intensity in constant touch with the cyclical nature of love and loss..


released September 15, 2015



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